Here are the answers to the questions we get asked the most

what should i wear to a yoga class?

Light comfortable clothing is best to wear to a yoga class. If you are going to a hot class then it's going to be really hot! Wear as little as possible! Men often wear shorts with or without a t-shirt, women often wear shorts and a lightweight top. If you prefer trousers or you're not ready to get that beautiful yoga body out yet you are of course free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but it will be hot!

Don't forget, when you leave the class it will feel very cold outside so please bring warm clothes to go home in. Also, don't forget to drink lots of fluid before and after class and top up your electrolytes (banana, coconut water or electrolyte solution work well).


What else should i bring to class?

If you have a yoga mat please bring it, otherwise you can hire one from us for £1 per mat per class. All the money for mat hire goes to charity. 

Please bring a towel to put on top of your mat for hot yoga classes, when you sweat the mats can get slippy. You can also bring a bottle of water if you like, you can fill up you bottle at the studio. We sell yoga towels and bottles of water at the studio.


what if i feel too hot/sick/dizzy during a hot class?

Don't worry! This is really normal, especially if you're a beginner. It's just your body releasing lots of built up toxins and getting used to doing yoga. You may also feel dizzy if you start breathing through your mouth during class instead of your nose. If you feel like it's all too much then sit or lie on your mat, breath calmly through your nose and join in again as soon as you can. Listen to your teacher, they will be looking out for you! If you have any questions or don't feel well you can always talk to the teacher before or after the class.


what should i expect following a hot yoga class?

If you have only just started hot yoga you may feel quite tired or even a bit sick, this is normal and often happens as your body gets rid of lots of built up toxins. As you progress you'll find that you come away from class feeling invigorated and full of energy, enjoy it! Don't forget to drink lots of fluid before and after classes (particularly the hot classes) and top up your electrolytes. Bananas, coconut water or the concentrated electrolyte solution in our shop are good for this. Always listen to your body and if you don't feel well, let the teacher know.


what if i have an injury? can i still practice?

Most of the time you can still practice and yoga will help you to get better faster! The general rule is only do what you can comfortably manage for your body on that day, if you have an injury don't push yourself too far. It is really important that you let your teacher know before the class starts so they can adapt any postures for you and they'll know why you might be sitting one out. If it's a minor injury, come 10 minutes early. If it's a new injury, or you're worried about anything to do with injuries, please contact us before you come to class. Contact details are here.


I've never done any yoga before. will i be able to manage it?

Don't worry, everybody is a beginner at some point! The good news is, our classes are great for beginners and you'll get better at it quickly! Please tell your teacher at the beginning of your class that this is your first time and they'll be extra nice to you.You don't have to be super-fit or super-flexible to start doing yoga. It's great for relaxation, fitness, general wellness, strength building and making you feel good and the benefits start from day one.


do you have changing rooms / showers?

We have male and female changing rooms at the studio which both include showers. Please bring your own shampoo/bodywash and towels. We currently do not have towels available at the studio. 


I'm pregnant, can i practise?

Congratulations! You may not want to do the hot classes, or some specific postures though. As your tummy gets bigger you may not be able to do some postures either! Talk to your teacher, they will give you advice and can show you some variations on postures that may be more suitable for you. We also offer specific pregnancy yoga classes at the studio. 


What do you sell in your shop?

We sell a range of products in our shop. Yoga towels with one grippy side, yoga mats, electrolytes, and much more. We also sell bottles of water, cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw/vegan food and tea and coffee in our Juice Bar.


if you still have a question please get in touch and we'll try to help