Join Sarah Alice for a special two-hour workshop that will take you on a deeper journey into the history of Yin Yoga and how to implement its teachings in your daily life. This experience is perfect for those who are wanting to take a detailed look at the practice from both an eastern and western medicine approach. We will be exploring:

Chakra balancing through asana.

Specific knowledge of the meridians of the body and how to access them through the connective tissues of the body.

Our emotional bodies, how trauma in the body can be released in this practice.

The effects of Yin on a cellular and hormonal level.

Creating suppleness and release in the joints.

How meditation and mindfulness complement our physical practice

The use of pranayama (thebreathe).

Bring your journal to make notes or simply enjoy the restorative physical practice and guided meditation. Suitable for beginners and experience practitioners.

Cost: £25