EXCLUSIVE to Yard Yoga - Ignite with Anna Robertshaw (once a month workshop)

IGNITE is 2 hours of creative vinyasa flow including pranayama, limbering, sun salutations, standing sequences flowing into inversions leading us into seated sequences, ending in meditation / relaxation.

Infused with essential oils you will be given a breakdown of specific assists for individual practitioners so accessible for all but a basic, solid foundation of yoga is a must.

Anna is the Founder of Retreat Yoga UK and has been teaching full time for 7 years. She has run teacher trainings, workshops and retreats worldwide.

If you want to take your practice to the next level with firm foundations, working with integrity through the foundation of breath work and power, through soft space, join this immersive class once a month @ Yard Yoga.

You can find Anna on @annarobertshaw Instagram or Retreat Yoga FaceBook.