An introduction to the theory and practice of Pranayama – “breathwork”, consciously harnessing the breath for yoga practice and meditation. Starting with a discussion of “Prana” as integral to yoga, exploring breathing methods – calm and quiet to vigorous and powerful, infusing the body with vitality, well-being and peace as a potent tool for positive transformation and a deeper yoga practice.
Continuing from the pranayama we will invite sound and explore the six healing dao sounds used to expel stagnant energy and gather fresh energy into our organs. We will then introduce the Bija (seed) mantra - Bija mantra are sounds that trigger or awaken the chakras, the ‘seven souls’. We contemplate on the nature of ‘seed’. A seed contains within it the potential of the whole, not yet formed, not yet awakened. A seed can remain dormant until it is touched by light, water, air, life-force or …sound.
Nicci has been teaching the Integral class at Yard Yoga on Sunday’s for some time now. She has been practicing yoga for over 15 years, teaching for 7 years and has attained her 300hr & 500hr YTT. She is currently immersed in her postgraduate YTT.

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