Understanding your Emotions hosted by Juliette Willett

Do you struggle with feelings of anxiety and or depression? Do you struggle to understand and get a handle on your emotions and the emotions of those around you including your children?

Emotions are designed to motivate behaviours, they push us towards our goals and help us shy away from threat, they are the social glue that keep us together as friends and partners and are critical to our health, underlining our mental and physical wellbeing.


In this 1 hour workshop we will explore the purpose and benefits of our core emotions, how they sometimes go wrong and how you can harness them to enhance your life.

Cost: £14


Hot Yoga Detox Workshop with Sarah Campbell-Lloyd

Over time we all accumulate toxins, tension, unhelpful habits and thought patterns that can leave us feeling tired, lethargic, and stuck in our ways.

Heat has been used for centuries by Native Americans, Mayans, as well as ancient Indians as a way to purify the body and the mind.

Hot Yoga is a powerful and nurturing sequence of static postures practiced in a heated studio, which facilitates safe, deep stretching and a cleansing sweat.

In this 2 hour workshop Sarah will dissect the Hot Yoga Sequence which will give you a better understanding of all the main asanas/postures and how they benefit the body.

Cost: £25