Yoga and Semi Permanent Makeup – the perfect balance

Having your eyebrows or eyeliner tattooed is truly empowering. Many women who enjoy yoga, swim, run, or enjoy any type of exercise, opt for semi permanent makeup. However hot and sweaty you get, it is a fantastic feeling knowing all you need to concentrate on is your breath, keeping your heart open or your core strong, rather than worrying that your eyebrows may have wiped off. The confidence that you gain by having permanent, perfect make-up remains with you, whatever you are doing.

Semi-Permanent makeup is the art of implanting, or tattooing pigment into the dermal layer of the skin to perfect, re-shape and redefine your eyebrows, create permanent eyeliner or lip colour. Unlike traditional tattooists who work with ink, we implant medical grade pigment made of iron oxides, iron being the most stable and common of all elements, it is non-toxic, inert, innocuous and non-active, much like mineral makeup. The pigment then fades and is absorbed by the body over the course of years. Most procedure require a “top-up”” or “colour boost” every 12-18 months.

Emma and Mel of the Pennington Clinic offer over 15 years of Semi-Permanent Makeup experience. They can achieve a very natural look, no one need know you have had a procedure, but your eyes look brighter and your inner confidence glows! You can choose ultra fine lines to sit behind your natural eyebrow to mimic hairs and create the right shape and length for your brows, with a totally natural look, or a more defined powder brow, opening and lifting your eyes. You may choose a very natural lash enhancement for your eyeliner, a simple darkening of the lash line which often means you never need mascara again, or a more dramatic 1950’s eyeliner.

A procedure takes a couple of hours, most of that time is spent in the consultation, agreeing exactly what shape you want for your eyebrow, what look for your eyeliner. The procedures are pain free, topical anaesthetic is applied, clients often go to sleep! These procedures give confidence, a beautiful natural procedure can be truly empowering!

There are leaflets in the Yard offering “Yogi Discounts” grab a leaflet and contact Mel for a chat.

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