All 6ft of you waits for me

I come to you weary, spent.

You welcome, no questions.

I undress, lay on you, feel you.

Still, together we find the silence.

But the inexorable need to move

Overwhelms. Slowly at first

Gentle flex, slow exploration.

You release your grip.

I hover above you, float down

Brush your skin, tease, pull away.

A sigh, a breath, the day drops away.

I smile down at you

Then twist and lunge.

A pause, I kneel on you

Hands to ribs,

Feel the air flood through me

Expanding, growing, visible.

You release me, hold me, I move again

Feline, bovine, supine

I’m a warrior fierce, then humble

I salute the sun, the moon

My eagle flies

Fold, reverse, float, jump

Every ancient movement instinctive

As natural as the breath

Part of the continuum, visceral, shared.

Sweat rolls down the length of me

Drips onto your belly, then, at the moment

We achieve the peak

Elated, reaffirmed, we need to rest.

I lay in your embrace, grounded, protected

We find the silence again, the still point, a tear.

The world intrudes, reluctant we peel apart

But I roll you tight, take you with me,

Satiated, radiant, serene.