As most of you know, I went to teach a yoga retreat in the French Alps. It was a truly amazing and nourishing experience, one that I truly hope to repeat again next year!

We arrived on Saturday, the sun was shining, driving along a winding road, with fir trees on either side of the road interspersed with glimpses of wondrous looking chalets, we arrived where the road stopped at Chalet Rosiere, where two very gorgeous dogs greeted us. Chalet Rosiere is a typical mountain Chalet built from stone and wood. The sort of house you would want to spend an exciting holiday in, or perfect life, with views of vegetable patches planted by the local population, Fir forests, a valley, and across the valley the sound of a waterfall. The views from the balcony and the bedrooms are truly breath taking, postcard perfect.

The chalet is very well situated for summer and winter vacations. It is close to ski resort La Rosiere and to many stunning walks.

After arriving we spent the rest of the day doing yoga, eating delicious vegetarian/vegan food and getting to know one another.

The intention for the next mornings yoga session was “Exploration”. With that in mind we explored the ebb and flow of our yoga practice as the sun rose. The class moved from a slow start to building more heat and then again it eased into rest. With our intentions set and our purpose clear we ventured into the French Alps, soaking up every bit of fresh mountain air and stunning views.

The week continued in this way with yoga twice a day, fresh, sunny and exhilarating walks, yummy food and much talking.

Our second walk was my favourite walk of that week. Philip, our host, took us to the most peaceful part of the Alps I have ever been to. The trails were covered with wild flowers, and the cleanest streams you can imagine. The landscapes were dotted with remote little mountain chalets that people would use only in the summer, as you couldn’t get there during the winter.

The week was based around the full moon, so on Wednesday we had our full moon celebration. Which we enjoyed again with a stunning walk, more yoga, a cacao ceremony, intention setting and meditation in the forest after the sun had gone down. During the week we had all felt the power of the moon increasing, as we all seemed to have had vivid dreams during the night.

As we climbed higher and higher during the week and we got closer and closer to the snow line and saw several glaciers in our views I decided that I love being in the mountains. I couldn’t get enough of the energy that the mountains gave me, the shear strength of the mountains recharged me in a way that I have never experienced. Nothing was able to interfere with that energy, I fell in love with the mountains doing the thing that I love doing the most, teaching Yoga.

Please keep your eyes and ears open, as soon I hope to let you know when I will be there again.

Click here to see the photos from the retreat

Much love,

Sarah xx