Dear Yard Yogis,

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post something on the blog and I’ve missed it. We’ve been soooo busy with everything going on in the Yard that writing went out of the window.

So now I’m super excited about my next Yoga adventure this summer in the Alps. And am writing because I would love to share the experience with you. I’m teaching Yoga at this amazing Yoga retreat in the French Alps. We will do yoga, hike and celebrate the full moon.

For those that come to my classes know how much I like theming classes and I try to pick a theme that is appropriate for the day. Now we can theme the week with the celebration of the full moon. We’ll do yoga to set ourselves up for the day and for the hike, with a nice morning flow each day and then we’ll finish the day with some nice restorative yoga. I cannot wait to share this with those that are coming.  This yoga retreat will be away to celebrate yourself, so if you want to join me and The Wellbeing Chalet please book here :

Much love

Sarah xxx