As yoga instructors we are on a forever journey to improve ourselves, our practice and our whole way of being in essence our lifestyle and relationships with self and others. This journey never stops, it’s one for life, and this is one of the main reasons why I fell in love with yoga.

To start this journey we search for teachers that inspire us. I have many teachers that inspire me to strive to be a person that is forever learning and growing. One of the teachers I currently follow is Meghan Currie.

Meghan Currie’s own personal yoga practice is unique and completely different to any other that I have come across. She channels something that is true to herself, something completely intuitive and shows us amazing, strong yoga posture sequences.

Recently I completed a 30 day programme with her online on the Cody App ( which was called “Wild and Free”. Being wild and free is something I’m not naturally good at. I struggle with fear, I don’t feel strong enough to feel fearless. So I started the 30 days, with the aim of trying to feel into my body in a more fearless way, and also trying to feel where I can feel free and a little bit wild....

When I started a regular yoga practice, one of the first things I noticed was how much freer in my body I felt and as a consequence much more free in my mind, my mind was clearer - less busy with past and present thoughts, just simply more present and focused. It took a lot of commitment to keep going through the 30 days as all the workouts were intense and strong, but on completing it I feel amazing, I feel stronger and yes I do feel more Wild (as in less fearless) and more Free.

It so happened that just after I finished the programme Meghan Currie was in London teaching a workshop. For me seeing her is like going to see a celebrity. I was very excited and she did not disappoint, in fact she was even more inspiring in person. She talked about all the things I try and achieve through my yoga lifestyle, like trying to allow myself to explore all my edges, meditation, journaling, tuning in with yourself body and mind and releasing all the negative stuff from past experiences.

So here I found myself, during the workshop falling in love with yoga even more, and feeling so grateful that there are teachers like Meghan Currie who are there for us to take inspiration from. My favourite quote from her on that day was: “Feeling free and secure in listening to ourselves, is where abundance lies”.

If you would like to take the Meghan Currie 30 day programme ‘’Wild and Free’’ I would really recommend that you visit and explore this experience, I loved it and feel very inspired by it, I hope you can too.

With love, Sarah x