This time I want to talk about the benefits of Vinysasa Flow Yoga.

This practice is rooted in how you synchronise your breathing with flowing movement. The ultimate benefit is that you will arrive at a harmonious, balanced and mindful state. 

This particular style of Yoga practice is my passion. It has taken me beyond what I thought was possible for me. It has given me more energy and freedom of movement. This has given me the tools to be able to truly listen to my body and my state of mind, so that I find myself more present on the mat when I am teaching.

For me the most important benefit of this practise is arriving in a flow state. 

I recently had an experience, where I arrived to teach feeling extremely nauseous but was able to quickly zone in on my body, focus on my breathing and came to a stillness and I was able to not feel nauseous any more. 

You can apply this to your own practice, if you are feeling stressed, worried, anxious or overwhelmed, then a Vinyasa flow practice can mindfully alleviate and reduce the impact of these emotions leaving you feeling more relaxed, at ease and of course in “the flow state”.