The Studio


The Studio

At Yard Yoga we offer a vibrant mix of Hot, Vinyasa Flow, alignment and rebalance Yoga. These classes are suitable for all levels of ability.

Yard Yoga was founded in 2014 by Sarah Campbell-Lloyd and Daphne Harman-Clarke. Their vision was to provide yoga classes in a warm, beautiful and welcoming space. We believe our Yoga classes should be accessible for everyone and so we have created a place where you can deepen and explore your yoga practice, achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and some great health benefits from our infrared heating system.




Our studio environment


Yard Yoga have state of the art Infrared heating panels in the ceiling of our studio to heat you during your practice. The warmth that we feel from the Sun is infrared and it is a natural and safe form of energy, standing in the studio with the heaters set to room temperature feels like standing in the sunshine! Infrared penetrates into the top couple of centimeters of your skin to heat your body directly, it does not heat the air surrounding you.

Because infrared penetrates into your body it warms and stimulates your connective tissues, ligaments, blood in your capillaries, fat in the layers of your skin, your immune system, your cardiovascular system and your lymphatic system. Infrared is much more effective than conventional heating at stimulating your body. Being warmed up so effectively helps to loosen your joints and allows you to go deeper into your yoga practice. It also helps the body to naturally eliminate toxins that you may be storing, these are sweated out during class. Infrared is so effective it can help the body to heal from injuries, strains and pain. In combination with yoga practice it can help to heal scar tissue and skin problems. Infrared can help promote the metabolism when combined with yoga, it also gives your skin a healthy glow and leaves you feeling deeply relaxed.

Fresh air

Our air exchange system circulates fresh air from outside throughout the studio and removes the stale air to make sure you feel comfortable throughout your practice.


Controlling the humidity in the studio is very important to get the most out of your hot yoga practice. It doesn't matter how many people are in there sweating, the studio will remain at the correct level to keep you at your peak during your practice.


Hot yoga and the environment

Using infrared heating for our hot yoga classes minimises our impact on the environment compared to other forms of heating for hot yoga classes. Infrared Radiant  panels are a very efficient way of heating your body so we don't have to have them on for as long as ordinary fan heaters or radiators which saves energy.

Our air circulation system captures the heat from the stale air going out of the studio and uses it to heat the fresh air coming into the studio. This saves energy twice because our heaters aren't constantly working to heat cold air, and we're not wasting energy by pumping warm air out of the building.

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Find out about your teachers


Find out about your teachers

Sarah Campbell - Lloyd

Sarah Campbell-Lloyd

Sarah has been exploring Yoga for over a decade and is 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher

Sarah is particularly inspired by Vinyasa Yoga and its ability to create freedom and liberation in the body. Her teaching embodies the skill of delivering a lighter, more grounded and present awareness in the body and mind through using the creative art of Vinyasa Yoga ­ the synchronisation of breath and movement.

Sarah is the co­-owner and founder of Yard Yoga, a highly sought after Yoga studio in the South East of England, Forest Row. The studio not only offers Sarah’s blend of creative, dynamic Vinyasa Yoga but also a unique Hot Yoga known as Tapasya Yoga. This is a blend of Yoga postures which does not use the wrists and focuses primarily on building heat for deep muscle release and strength which results in greater coordination in the body.

Sarah is well known for inviting students to come and ‘try’ and for creating enthusiasm and motivation to enjoy yoga and all its amazing benefits.

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Hannah Alderson

Hannah Alderson

Hannah has been part of of our yoga journey from the start. First as a student, then as a receptionist and now as one of our teachers.

‘‘Yoga is medicine and yoga is magic.’’ Having worked in the studio prior to her training, Hannah saw countless examples of how the practice of asana and meditation can positively effect if not change lives. From helping to manage injuries, illness and pain - to easing stress and anxiety and creating healthier more positive mindsets and lifestyle habits.

As someone with arthritis herself, Hannah very much understands the importance of safe practice and mindful alignment. Hannah completed her training in Thailand with Luna Alignment which was strongly rooted in the therapeutic aspects of yoga and the ethos that yoga is for everyone. Hannah teaches a mixture of Gentle Flow and Yin yoga, drawing inspiration from Ayurveda, the cycles of the moon, seasonal changes and the chakra system.

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Cathy Gorrett

Cathy Gorrett

Cathy has been teaching health and fitness for 15 years and is inspired by Freestyle Flow Vinyasa Yoga which creates alignment of breath, body and mind.

Cathy is offering a healing, restorative yoga practice at Yard Yoga which combines a creative mix of slow flow yoga and deep restorative yoga.

Her background in strength training, motivational coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP and Reiki have given her a unique ability to create a freestyle approach to Yoga that empowers not only body strength and conditioning but deep stress relief and relaxation through the therapeutic use of long hold yoga postures and guided meditation.

Cathy is well known for asking students to breathe and relax and believes that with any practice when you have been there in the mind you will go there in the body.

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Lotte Andrews

Lotte Andrews

Lotte teaches some of our hot yoga and flow classes

She is not only a yoga teacher but also a private chef. She focuses on healthy and nutrient rich food and has incorporated her love of yoga into her cooking. Lotte’s main belief is the reason for living is to feed our bodies with the right nutrients, diet and fuel to allow us to walk, talk, swim, laugh and practice yoga. Digestion is extremely important within this process. By fuelling our body with the right components to aid our digestion we can enable ourselves to function to the best of our ability. Aiding digestion also comes from yoga, twists, expansions and bends can energising the cells within our body, kick starting our digestion, giving us energy and strength to practice. 

Giving our bodies the correct starter kit to begin our yoga journey has been at the forefront of Lotte’s thinking, a continuous process and infinite journey.

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Sarah Alice Lee

Sarah Alice Lee

Sarah Alice teaches a variety of classes at yard yoga but particularly loves teaching her warm yin class to compliment the yang classes at the studio.

Sarah Alice has recently returned to the U.K after living in New Zealand and Australia for the past ten years. Originally from Eastbourne Sarah’s journey as a yogini started as a teenager. Having trained as a gymnast from an early age, yoga became her way expressing energy and her need for physical movement after she ceased competing. It was in 2011 after the Christchurch earthquakes that Sarah turned to yoga to manage the adrenalin overload in her body. During this time when when everyone was suffering from post-traumatic stress and exhaustion from the constant aftershocks, she witnessed how the practice of asanas and meditation created balance of the body and mind. Fascinated by the transformation in her own body and others Sarah completed her yoga teacher training under the tutelage of Eoin Finn (Blissology). She went on to study with Nikki Ralston developing an in-depth knowledge of anatomy. Sarah teaches Vinyasa Flow and Yin. Her love for movement and the creating balance in the body inspires her sequences and her thirst for physiological knowledge allows her to teach in a way that takes you deep into understanding your body. 

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Kerry Heath

Kerry Heath

Kerry PARTICULARLY enjoys teaching our Hot yoga sequence. She also teaches Morning yoga and private classes.

Coming from a hairdressing and beauty background, Kerry spent many years focussing on identity and self-care from an external perspective. Through her work and own love of yoga, she discovered another side of her identity, and the power of self-care from within.

Kerry trained in Rishikesh, India where she learnt a multi-style yoga practice including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Sivananda, Iyengar Style and many other traditions of India. Her training had an emphasis on alignment, therapeutic aspects of yoga, and Philosophy.

She believes evolving & understanding one’s true self is what really matters and yoga is a powerful vehicle for that which can filter into daily life and the world around us.

Creating a space in which others can disconnect from the noise, re-align with their natural self and how they wish to feel is very rewarding to her. Her nature is to encourage everyone to yoga and that working from where you are is enough

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Georgia Keal

Georgia Keal

Georgia has been practicing Yoga for over 10 years and did her teacher training with the British Wheel of a Yoga under the guidance of Tara Fraser and Tarik Dervish.

Georgia loves to share the many magical layers of yoga with her students. The feelings of space and lightness created when we reconnect with our bodies by balancing and stretching and  also the peaceful, grounded energy that we can take with us off the mat.


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Yard Vinyasa Flow

Fusing traditional vinyasa methodology with contemporary dynamic freestyle flow, this uplifting yoga practice integrates breath and movement, inner and outer alignment, strength and flexibility. These classes will appeal to new students or anyone who wants to refine their practice.

The flow classes are primarily taught by Sarah Campbell-Lloyd  through out the week. To book go to our timetable.


Warm Yin yoga

This is a slow Yin Yoga  class in the heated room. It is not too hot but enough to fully benefit from the infrared heating and relax your muscles to get deeper into your yoga practice.  Poses are held for a long time. This combined with the infrared heating means that you will get the full therapeutic effect from deeply stretching the entire body, opening all the joints and gives space from within. A truly restorative and rejuvenating class. 

Warm Yin is taught by Sarah Alice on Thursdays at 7.30pm and Sundays at 5.30pm.


Yard hot Yoga

Get ready to sweat in this hot yoga class that is both uplifting and flowing. Each class is set to deeply tone your limbs and tighten your core and is unique as it does not work on the wrists. The Hot Yoga sequence is a set series of Hatha postures developed by our principle teacher Sarah Campbell-Lloyd. The sequence is specifically designed to address all parts of the body in a safe manor and to get the most benefit from the infrared heat. The class  offers great detoxing properties and increased flexibility. 

We have Hot Yoga classes everyday so look on our timetable to find a class that suits you. 


Hatha yoga 

This gentle Hatha Yoga class is perfect for beginners, those recovering from illness and injury or looking for a more gentle class. The class is designed to combine both postures lying on the mat and standing to gently build up strength and flexibility. It is a great way to introduce yourself to yoga and build up to trying some of our other classes. 

Georgia Keal teaches our Gentle Hatha Yoga on Monday mornings at 10.30.


rebalance Yoga

This is a re-­balancing yoga practice involving elements of a vinyasa flow sequence combined with restorative yoga postures designed to balance, calm and repair your body. The poses allow your entire body to stretch and deeply expand giving you a therapeutic release of long held tension and stress. Enhanced by guided meditation and deep breathing Rebalance Yoga is the perfect complement to our more dynamic yoga classes.

Cathy Gorrett teaches our Rebalance classes on Mondays at 7.00pm and Fridays at 9.30am.


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic blend of postures, pranayam, mantra, music and meditation, which teaches you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation. Balancing body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul.

It stimulates individual growth through systematic techniques that strengthen the nervous system and balances the glandular system (the guardians of health), for increased vitality. Meditation improves concentration, sharpens awareness and gives the direct experience of consciousness. 

Kundalini Yoga is taught by Lydia Baksh on Wednesdays at 7pm and by Tej Sangeet on Tuesdays at 11am

Pregnancy yoga

These classes will provide a retreat in what can be a very busy & tiring time for many women. Gaining energy through practice, a woman can channel this energy to create a positive feeling about the birth of her child. Giving your body a chance to deeply relax in order to create space on both a physical and emotional level is key. The postures will support the physical changes that happen during pregnancy and in preparation for birth. Emphasis will be placed on releasing tension through breath and creating space in the abdomen.

Pregnancy Yoga is taught by Sarah Campbell-Lloyd on Mondays at 7.30pm.

Morning Yoga

Set the tone of your day with an uplifting, intention-setting class that will enhance the rest of your day. There will be a Pranayama warm up, sun salutations and a nice stretchy cool down, the class will conclude with a short seated intention setting meditation. There will be no inversions or strenuous poses, this class will be ideal for any yogi of any level who simply want to move and feel good. You will leave your mat fulfilled, empowered, confident and focused.

Morning Yoga is taught by Kerry Heath on Tuesdays at 8.30am and by Hannah Alderson on Thursdays at 8.30am.




Here are the answers to the questions we get asked the most

what should i wear to a yoga class?

Light comfortable clothing is best to wear to a yoga class. If you are going to a hot class then it's going to be really hot! Wear as little as possible! Men often wear shorts with or without a t-shirt, women often wear shorts and a lightweight top. If you prefer trousers or you're not ready to get that beautiful yoga body out yet you are of course free to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, but it will be hot!

Don't forget, when you leave the class it will feel very cold outside so please bring warm clothes to go home in. Also, don't forget to drink lots of fluid before and after class and top up your electrolytes (banana, coconut water or electrolyte solution work well).


What else should i bring to class?

If you have a yoga mat please bring it, otherwise you can hire one from us for £1 per mat per class. All the money for mat hire goes to charity. 

Please bring a towel to put on top of your mat for hot yoga classes, when you sweat the mats can get slippy. You can also bring a bottle of water if you like, you can fill up you bottle at the studio. We sell yoga towels and bottles of water at the studio.


what if i feel too hot/sick/dizzy during a hot class?

Don't worry! This is really normal, especially if you're a beginner. It's just your body releasing lots of built up toxins and getting used to doing yoga. You may also feel dizzy if you start breathing through your mouth during class instead of your nose. If you feel like it's all too much then sit or lie on your mat, breath calmly through your nose and join in again as soon as you can. Listen to your teacher, they will be looking out for you! If you have any questions or don't feel well you can always talk to the teacher before or after the class.


what should i expect following a hot yoga class?

If you have only just started hot yoga you may feel quite tired or even a bit sick, this is normal and often happens as your body gets rid of lots of built up toxins. As you progress you'll find that you come away from class feeling invigorated and full of energy, enjoy it! Don't forget to drink lots of fluid before and after classes (particularly the hot classes) and top up your electrolytes. Bananas, coconut water or the concentrated electrolyte solution in our shop are good for this. Always listen to your body and if you don't feel well, let the teacher know.


what if i have an injury? can i still practice?

Most of the time you can still practice and yoga will help you to get better faster! The general rule is only do what you can comfortably manage for your body on that day, if you have an injury don't push yourself too far. It is really important that you let your teacher know before the class starts so they can adapt any postures for you and they'll know why you might be sitting one out. If it's a minor injury, come 10 minutes early. If it's a new injury, or you're worried about anything to do with injuries, please contact us before you come to class. Contact details are here.


I've never done any yoga before. will i be able to manage it?

Don't worry, everybody is a beginner at some point! The good news is, our classes are great for beginners and you'll get better at it quickly! Please tell your teacher at the beginning of your class that this is your first time and they'll be extra nice to you.You don't have to be super-fit or super-flexible to start doing yoga. It's great for relaxation, fitness, general wellness, strength building and making you feel good and the benefits start from day one.


do you have changing rooms / showers?

We have male and female changing rooms at the studio which both include showers. Please bring your own shampoo/bodywash and towels. We currently do not have towels available at the studio. 


I'm pregnant, can i practise?

Congratulations! You may not want to do the hot classes, or some specific postures though. As your tummy gets bigger you may not be able to do some postures either! Talk to your teacher, they will give you advice and can show you some variations on postures that may be more suitable for you. We also offer specific pregnancy yoga classes at the studio. 


What do you sell in your shop?

We sell a range of products in our shop. Yoga towels with one grippy side, yoga mats, electrolytes, and much more. We also sell bottles of water, cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw/vegan food and tea and coffee in our Juice Bar.


if you still have a question please get in touch and we'll try to help